How can you add some spice to your sex life?

Take turns to plan a sex night. The person whose turn it is decides what you’re doing, when, where, how, organise any props you need such as Bondage Tape, and is the instigator.

This forces each of you to adopt different roles as giver and taker. Add a few new intercourse positions to your favourites. If you’re in a rut, you’re probably using one or two positions on a regular basis. Choose at least four others, try them out over the next few sessions and you should end up with an extra two or three that you like.

Add in some new oral sex techniques or hand job techniques – most good sex books will detail these for you. By now, you should have found at least five or six new things you both enjoy (don’t expect to like everything you try!). The trick now is to keep going! It’s not cheating to nick stuff out of a sex book rather than think it up yourself – that’s what they’re for! Try and add some role play and dressing up fun, try our Bondage Tape Starter Pack for bondage virgins.

Bondage for beginners

Now it's time to get more specific with sexy tips for beginners. Firstly, all you bondage virgins should discuss what you want to try. Just remember, you won't really know what you like until you get started – you may surprise yourself! – but don't push each other into anything you're unsure of.

Most importantly, devise a safety word you can use so that if something feels uncomfortable for either of you, say this word and the bondage session stops until any problems you encounter are resolved.

For bondage beginners, verbal bondage can seems just as kinky, naughty and taboo as physical bondage. Simply commanding your lover to perform a sexual act on you, or telling them that you're going to do something to them, is immensely thrilling for both of you.

Once you're up to speed with the dirty talk and sexual commands, start by tying your lover's hands either in front of them or behind with ties such as Japanese Silk Bondage Rope Cuffs or the Sportsheets Beginners Bondage Kit.

The next step up is to try anchoring your lover's hands to the front or back of a waist belt. Try the Wrist To Waist Cuffs for an easy introduction to this style of bondage. Once you're accustomed with bondage that pulls your lover's limbs together, try bondage that spreads limbs apart.

This can be easily achieved by spreading your lover's legs and arms across your bed, securing each of their hands and wrists at the four corners of your bed. Sportsheets Under The Bed Restraint System is excellent for this practice.

Bedroom Bondage Techniques

Bedroom bondage is a sure-fire way to broaden your sexual horizons and spice up your bedroom antics. Think of bondage as an arena to play out your sexual fantasies such as being ravaged by a captor, rescued by a knight in shining armour, or satiating your lover's fantasy of being straddled by a dominatrix vixen.

When most people think of bondage they think of a man or woman being tied to a bed with rope, silk ties or handcuffs. While that's true, there's a lot more to bondage than just tying someone up any old fashion.

Basically, bondage can be used to pull parts of the body together; spread or open-up parts of your body; tie your body down to another object such as a bed or chair; wrap your whole body or part of it for mummification-style bondage, or it can be used to constrict normal movement.