How can you add some spice to your sex life?

Take turns to plan a sex night. The person whose turn it is decides what you’re doing, when, where, how, organise any props you need such as Bondage Tape, and is the instigator.

This forces each of you to adopt different roles as giver and taker. Add a few new intercourse positions to your favourites. If you’re in a rut, you’re probably using one or two positions on a regular basis. Choose at least four others, try them out over the next few sessions and you should end up with an extra two or three that you like.

Add in some new oral sex techniques or hand job techniques – most good sex books will detail these for you. By now, you should have found at least five or six new things you both enjoy (don’t expect to like everything you try!). The trick now is to keep going! It’s not cheating to nick stuff out of a sex book rather than think it up yourself – that’s what they’re for! Try and add some role play and dressing up fun, try our Bondage Tape Starter Pack for bondage virgins.

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