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Bedroom Bondage With Fantasy Bondage Tape

The act of bondage is a sensual experience for you and your lover, so if you want to learn about the different bedroom bondage techniques, here's a few to get you started...

Bedroom bondage is a sure-fire way to broaden your sexual horizons and spice up your bedroom antics. Think of bondage as an arena to play out your sexual fantasies such as being ravaged by a captor, rescued by a knight in shining armour, or satiating your lover's fantasy of being straddled by a dominatrix vixen.

Bondage Tips:


1) Do not pull the tape too tight, as the tape will retract back to its original size

2) Do not put on too tight when wrapping around the body

3) Overlap the bondage tape by 50% of the width to ensure there are no gaps

4) If making an outfit from fantasy bondage tape, start from the bottom and work your way up the body again overlapping each time

5) If wrapping boobs in bondage tape, start by doing one complete wrap in the centre of the boobs then work your way down – not too tight! Then back up ensuring you’re making the boobs hold up and not pushing them down! To enhance the figure


When most people think of bondage they think of a man or woman being tied to a bed with rope, silk ties or handcuffs. While that's true, there's a lot more to bondage than just tying someone up any old fashion.

Basically, bondage can be used to pull parts of the body together; spread or open-up parts of your body; tie your body down to another object such as a bed or chair; wrap your whole body or part of it for mummification-style bondage, or it can be used to constrict normal movement.


Get started with our tips for using Fantasy Bondage Tape

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